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Individual Gibson Products Now Available Through

Image of a fish lighter, a tractor handle barbeque fork, a bolt action rifle handle barbeque fork, and a bait cast fishing pole handle barbeque spatula held in hand. Image text and logos say: Gibson Enterprises now on Walmart.


Updated 03/01/2023

Don't want to buy a full product display? Gibson products are now on! Plus, FREE shipping!

To accommodate a growing interest in purchasing single units, we have now launched some of our products through! The platform will enable our customers to buy individual pieces of their preferred items, rather than entire displays. This way, we can finally get our novel products not only to wholesalers, but to individual consumers, some of whom are avid collectors of our unique items.

This launch is just in time for summer BBQs and bonfires - a lot of our products are multipurpose (for example, most of our BBQ tools include a built-in bottle opener), making them perfect for this season.

See below for a list of our expanding collection on Walmart Marketplace. The platform currently features a good amount of our lighters and BBQ tools, with new items regularly being added.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to carrier regulations and restrictions, we are currently unable to ship most lighters with the butane included. The lighters will be shipped to you empty of butane. Each one of our lighters is refillable with a regular butane can. You may purchase butane at your local grocery, drug, or convenience store. Refill instructions are available here

This only applies to orders for individual pieces placed through Display orders placed through will ship as usual, with butane included in the lighters.

(UPDATE: A process to be able to ship individual lighters filled with butane is currently in progress. Lighters that ship with the butane included when mailed individually, are marked with an asterisk below.)

Items currently available through Walmart Marketplace:

BBQ Tools:

Bait Cast Fishing Pole BBQ Grill Fork

Bait Cast Fishing Pole BBQ Spatula

Bear-B-Que Spatula

Bolt Action Rifle BBQ Grill Fork

Bolt Action Rifle BBQ Spatula

Fish BBQ Grill Fork

Fish BBQ Spatula

Green Tractor BBQ Grill Fork

Green Tractor BBQ Spatula

Hot Dog BBQ Spatula

Nuts and Bolts BBQ Spatula

Pick-up Truck BBQ Spatula


Bait Cast Fishing Pole Lighter*

Biometric Fingerprint Pocket Lighter

Biometric Fingerprint Utility Lighter

Bottle Opener Lighter with Flashlight


Enclosed Flame Safety Lighter

Fish Multipurpose BBQ Lighter

Ginormous Lighter

Green Tractor Multipurpose BBQ Lighter

Magnum Match Lighter

Matchbook Multipurpose BBQ Lighter

Maxi Torch

Open Face Fishing Pole BBQ Lighter*

Lever Action Rifle BBQ Lighter

Patriotic Match Lighter

*Ships with the butane included