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John Gibson Enterprises, Inc.

Enlightened Multipurpose Utility Lighter Refill Cartridges (5pk) - Single Case

$ 36.00

The Enlightened Multipurpose Utility Lighter Refill Cartridges are a companion to our Enlightened Multipurpose Utility Lighter. Instead of bulky butane canisters, or replacing single-use lighters, use these refill cartridges to refuel the Enlightened lighter.  These cartridges are lightweight, easy to install, and have an adjustable port for adjusting the lighter flame. The display comes in a pack of 12 blister card units, each with 5 cartridges per blister card. Another Gibson Original. Single Item # 21812 / $3.00 Each / SRP $5.99.

Product Information:

  • High Quality Butane
  • Easy to Use
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Refillable Butane Cartridges
  • 9.5 H x 2 W x 0.75 D

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